Scarlet Fever – Questions

  1. What is the age range/peak presentation of scarlet fever?











1A: Scarlet fever age is 2 to 6 years, with peak Incidence at 4yrs


2. What is the incubation period for scarlet fever?











2A: 2-4days


3. What is the clinical presentation of scarlet fever?












  1. fever
  2. malaise
  3. tonsillitis
  4. strawberry tongue
  5. rash

4. Describe the strawberry tongue/












4A: Tongue is covered in a white coating, through this red papillae may be seen, then the white coating goes leaving the tongue with a beefy, red appearance


5 Describe the rash of scarlet fever













  1. Typically starts on torson
  2. then spreads to the rest of the body
  3. rough sandpaper texture
  4. desquamintiation occurs later -especially fingers and toes


6 How is the diagnosis confirmed?












6A: from a throat swab


7: what is the treatment for scarlet fever?












7A: treat with oral penicillin immediately


8: What if they are penicillin allergic?











8A: Azithromycin


9: When can children with Scarlet fever return to school?












9A: 24hour after starting antibiotics


10: What’s the other thing you should do if you see a kid with scarlet fever?











10A: It’s a notifiable disease so needs discussion with public health.


11. Name three complications of scarlet fever













  1. Otitis Media
  2. Rheumatic fever
  3. acute glomerulonephritis


12. When might the rheumatic fever occur?













12A: Rheumatic fever typically occurs 20 days after infection



13: When does glomerulonephritis occur?











13A: Typically 10days after infection