Review of 2017

Review Of 2017

It’s the 31st December 2017, I’m sat in Bex and Dan’s kitchen and reviewing my year. And making some new (and old) resolutions….

Really good year!

Best bit was meeting cool people. Had a nice trip with to Scotland with Pete, had a fantastic trip to France (which hopefully will be better this year). Got on well in work – i’m in GP which is good.

So review of last year; how did I do?….

Date Night OUT With Gels Once A Month

  • Didn’t manage this – one of the sticking points was not having a babysitter – we now do so hopefully will be easier this year – this will carry over.

Time with friends once a month

I think we probably did this, our friends are around quite a lot these days which is great

Remember Birthdays – send cards for adults, pressies for kids

I entirely failed on this one!!

Throw a great summer party –

Yes we managed this – in style!! Absoultely loved it, we had Curious Orange playing. The weather was crap but we had an absolute ball! followed it up with another good party at Christmas.

Start a blog keeping me accountable to myself

I did start this website as planned and I did start with keeping myself accountable but actually use it way more to keep my medical notes

Read deeply – making notes/learning lessons

Um kindof; again I started doing this well that the beginning of the year; and now I am re-reading, more deeply books (specifically The Power Of Now)


Bins – yup I have done these every week..

Washing – 

10 loads a week – I’ve been pretty good with this; Gels hasn’t done much


2 meals a week (update with more if required) – didn’t manage to do this.


Get a pass on my ARCP


Yep managed this well done me..

Be getting an average of 82% on passmedicine by Decemeber 2017

 I haven’t managed this – sadly, not by a long way.

Do a medical blog post once a week 

I’ve done a fair few of these.

Things to consider:

Working with Steve on Positivity in Medicine – decided not to go any further with this

Writing TREATS course manual – didn’t do this – no time

More active role in TREATS course – decided against this for now



Get back to 11% body fat by 15th May, maintaining a weight of 78kg

Really didn’t do this. Sadly for some reason i just didn’t get into it. I did start Kinobody and got reasonably fit again but sadly not down to what I was in 2015.

Habit 1:

Stop eating junk food.

      Mark a calendar with the number of days I’ve not eaten biscuits for and then try to beat it. – Yep I did this! I did this six months of not eating biscuits – it didn’t really make much difference to my body fat percentage.


Habit 3:

      What gets measured gets managed

Use the sculpt app and weighing scales daily to measure my body fat and record the results. – didn’t do this.


Habit 4:

                        Blog the results

Set up and blog results – I did this to start with!


  1. Be grateful every day


      Write down three things I am grateful for every day and focus on each one for a minute.


  1. Build up to a daily mindfulness meditative practice



  1. Build a positive mindset and an enthusiastic, positive approach with people I meet

Record and listen to positive messages reminding me of positive behaviour I want to instil in myself




  1. Build my business to a point where I have a net profit of £7,500 a month. – Nope1
    1. Get wetsuits selling well – Yes
    2. Decide on the future of the drybell – Yes
    3. Build and launch the smart surf wear clothing line – More serious about this now; I have been contemplating it now and am happier with the plan, gels is getting involved too
    4. Decide on whether I have time for Van Blog / website / book – NOPE NOPE NOPE!!!
    5. Decide on blogging weight loss for shift workers – no decided to put this on the backburner
    6. Collect email list of surfer customers – no but nice idea – I have a better plan to do this now
  2. Become competent with book keeping side – nope – need to do this now 



  • 3 times a week spend two hours on the business – nope


  1. Start the weight loss for shift workers part of the blog (potentially) – nope
  2. Get up a running as an ecommerce site. – did this but cancelled it as I wasn’t using it to sell anything.


Personal Financial


  1. Cut our credit card debt by one third
    1. Work out what our debt is
    2. Work out how much we need to pay off
    3. Pay it off one 12th of that once a month.


      Budget two hours once a month

      Review financials once a week for an hour


House and Garden


  1. Treehouse
    1. Slide on side
    2. Wood on roof
    3. Window frame on front window
    4. Rope on ladder
  2. Patio on raised area
  3. A bit more on campervan


Habit: any free weekend identify two hours and what I will work on during that time.



Habits for 2017

Study Education Knowledge Wisdom Studying Concept
  1. Schedule date night (once a month) two weeks in advance
  2. Put date night in calander
  3. Book babysitter at least two weeks in advance
  4. Have list of friends and family birthdays and have block of cards for birthday cards
  5. Three reflections a week on e-portfolio
  6. Three one-hour blocks on passmedicine/elearning a week
  7. One medical blog post a week
  8. Run three times a week
  9. Work out three times a week
  10. Eat no more biscuits
  11. Measure body fat on sculpt daily
  12. Write down three things to be grateful for every day
  13. Meditate daily
  14. Listen to personal affirmation daily
  15. Work on business three times a week for at least two hours each time
  16. Spend two hours a month working on personal budget
  17. Pay off 2.5% of credit card debt each month
  18. Free time at weekends should be spend on treehouse/raised area/campervan.

Goals / Resolutions for 2018