Patio build

Geraldine has been asking me to build a patio on the raised area in our garden – a rare area that actually gets the evening sun – for ages…. I have been wanting somewhere to skate for ages…. so I said if I could build a skate ramp I would build her the patio… she said I could build the skate ramp if I built her the patio first!

This is how that area looked back in 2011(?) when mum and dad were trying to hack it back… it got several more hacks and got gradually more unruled until this year when we finally got round to properly tackling it. 

You can see baby Leah on the floor in the foreground! 

Early 2013 there was another hacking session…

Anyhoo… this year (2017) we got round to having a looking at it as an area we could actually use.. 

First I had to clear the cr@p and build a wall around it (3:1 sand to cement using the stones we had from the taking down the previous walls which had been built from the piggery long before we moved in). 

Jonahboy lending a hand with the wall building… 

Then back filled the wall with some gravel that I scrapped off the ground from by the treehouse. 

And after that put a tonne of dust down (£45 ish)

That wasn’t enough dust so I bought another 2 tonnes (72quid ish) and put that down too….

Started laying the flags before I got the second lot of dust.
Late at night I got most of the second load down..

Then I built a little step – I used a plank to hold the dust back before building the step…

Putting the artificial grass down – £216 for a piece of rosemary 4x3m. Unfortunately I had stupidly measured it too small. That realisation wasn’t a good moment… for another £55 I bought another piece 3x1m….

Then I had to join the one to the other… 

Unfortunately you can still see the join but never mind you live and learn. 

All that was left to do was pull it into place and cut off the excess around the stones.

And that’s basically it!