Meningitis Contact Prophylaxis

Decision to treat is usually made by the public health department.

In confirmed cases of H. Influenzae chemoprophylaxis is recommended for three main groups:

Household Contacts

  • Any non-immunised contact under 4 should receive the HiB vaccine
  • Rifampicin (20mg/kg (max 600mg)) once daily for four days should also be given (unless the patient is under 4yrs and has been fully immunised)
  • Household contacts included nurses in nursing homes

Index Case

  • The patient themselves should be immunised irrespective of age

Room contacts in school

  • Those in the same room as the effected person in school nursery or crèches
  • Any unimmunised child less than 4years of age should be vaccinated

Pre-school Outbreak

  • If there are two cases in a school within 120days of one another then the