Relative Risk Factors

  1. Having over 50 moles over 2mm in size (OR ~ 3.5)
  2. Unusually high sun exposure (OR 2.6)
  3. Light colored eyes (OR 1.5)
  4. First degree relative with MM (OR = 1.8)

Little aside on Odds Ratio

The odds ratio compares the occurrence of the outcome in the presence of a particular exposure, with the occurrence of the outcome in the absence of a particular exposure.

If the odds ratio is greater than 1 there is said to be an association (note – this doesn’t prove causation). The greater the odds ratio the stronger the association.

Atypical Mole Syndrome

  • 50 or more moles over 2mm
  • 3 or more are atypical in appearance
  • ->5mm
  • – flat with raised edges
  • -oval rather than round
  • – some colour variation
  • Occurs in 2% of population
  • 7-10 times more likely to develop melanoma

7 Point Weighted Checklist

Major Features score 2 points for each

  • Change in size
  • Change in shape
  • Irregular Colour

Minor Features score 1 point for each

  • Largest diameter 7mm or more
  • Inflammation
  • Oozing
  • change in sensation