Hepatitis Vaccines

Who Gets Hep B Vaccine?

  • Babies at birth who are high risk (it’s the only Hepatitis vaccine in the childhood schedual).
    • babies who mother is positive for for hep B surface antigen
  • Parental drug users, their sexual partners and household contacts
  • Individuals who change sexual partners frequently
  • Close family contacts of a case or carrier
  • Individuals with haemophilia and those receiving  regular blood transfusions and carers administering those products
  • Patients with chronic renal failure including those on haemodiaysis and those carering for them – heamodialysis patients should be monitored for antibodies and revaccinated yearly if necessary
  • People with chronic liver disease
  • healthcare personale and trainees who have direct contact with blood/blood stained bodily fluids
  • morticians and embarmers
  • Staff and patients at schools/centres for those with severe learning difficulties
  • staff/inmates in prisons
  • people who are travelling to high risk areas
  • families adopting children from high risk areas
  • foster carers