Goals / Resolutions For 2018

  1. Best ever body by June.
  2. Stretch daily
  3. Pass AKT in April note how many questions I do a day/week then best it the following week.
  4. Fast for 16hours every week day
  5. Plan each week in advance on the Sunday – create a mini printout system.
  6. Date Night OUT With Gels Once A Month
  7. Time with friends once a month
  8. Remember Birthdays – send cards for adults, pressies for kids
  9. Read deeply – making notes/learning lessons
  10. Housework – continue bins. Cook 2 meals a week regardless of whether they will be eaten – freeze them. Washing load out and dry everyday.
  11. Get a pass on my ARCP
  12. Do a medical blog post once a week 
  13. Bulk for 3 months – January, Feburary, March then Cut  April, May, June – get to 11% body fat by Ju
  14. Meditate Daily
  15. Be grateful every day
  16. Build a positive mindset and an enthusiastic, positive approach with people I meet – Do a priming meditation on the way to work .  – Record and listen to positive messages reminding me of positive behaviour I want to instil in myself
  17. Build my business to a point
  18. Make Proper Plan and perhaps launch the smart surfwear brand + presence + Community action part of Mokan
  19. Become competent with book keeping.


Personal Financial

  1. Cut our credit card debt by one thirdWork out what our debt is
    1. Work out how much we need to pay off
    2. Pay it off one 12 of that once a month.


      Budget two hours once a month

      Review financials once a week for an hour


House and Garden


  1. Treehouse
    1. Slide on side
    2. Wood on roof
    3. Window frame on front window
    4. Rope on ladder
  2. Patio on raised area
  3. A bit more on campervan

Habit: any free weekend identify two hours and what I will work on during that time.



Habits for 2017

Study Education Knowledge Wisdom Studying Concept

Schedule date night (once a month) two weeks in advance

  1. Put date night in calander
  2. Book babysitter at least two weeks in advance
  3. Have list of friends and family birthdays and have block of cards for birthday cards
  4. Three reflections a week on e-portfolio
  5. Three one-hour blocks on passmedicine/elearning a week
  6. One medical blog post a week
  7. Run three times a week
  8. Work out three times a week
  9. Eat no more biscuits
  10. Measure body fat on sculpt daily
  11. Write down three things to be grateful for every day
  12. Meditate daily
  13. Listen to personal affirmation daily
  14. Work on business three times a week for at least two hours each time
  15. Spend two hours a month working on personal budget
  16. Pay off 2.5% of credit card debt each month
  17. Free time at weekends should be spend on treehouse/raised area/campervan.