Febrile Child – Questions

1Q: What observations should recorded in the febrile child?















Resp rate

Heart Rate

Cap refil time

Evidence of dehydration


2Q: What’s the system used to risk-stratify the febrile child? – and what are the strata?














2A: The traffic light system  – classifying into green – low risk, amber – intermediate risk and red – high risk.


3Q:  What respiratory rate would put a child of 2years into the red category?











3A: over 60resps a min – that puts any child into the red category!


4Q: What counts as tachycardic for  a child age under 1year?











4A: Tachycardia under 12months is over 160bpm



5Q: What counts as tachycardia for a child age 2-5years?












5A: You’d say a 2-5year old child was tachycardic if their heart rate was >140



6Q: When would you call a 12-24month old child tachycardic?











6A: A 12-24month old child is tachy when heart rate is over 150bpm





7Q; Describe the respiration of a child less than 5years with a fever of unknown source who you’d categorise as red – immediate risk? (three things)










7A: They are


Resp rate over 60/min

Moderate or severe recession



8Q: Say a child with unknown fever is tachycardic, what other feature in regard in that category would put them into high risk?











8A: They are tachycardic but also have reduced skin turgor.



9Q: A child in the orange – intermediate risk category has what respiratory rate?










9A: if theyre 6-12months resp rate is >50, if they’re > 12 months resp rate over 40 – this puts them in the amber category.



10Q: if a child is hot and has some creps in their left base but otherwise fine what category are they in?










10A: Amber – crackles are one of the things that put them in the amber category/



11Q: Apart from their colour / respiration / ciculation and hydration, what other features might put a child in the amber category rather than the green?












11A: If they are age 3-6months and have a fever of 38 or over

If they have a fever for more than 5 days

if they have rigors

if they have joint swelling

not weight bearing or not using limb


(DURAS : duration – 5days or more, Use – they’re not using a limb, Rigors, Age 3-6months with fever of 38, Swelling)



12Q: Apart from the other resp/circ/colour/hydration what other factors would make you put a child in the high risk group?










12A: Age less than 3 months with temp 38 or over

non-blanching rash

Bulging fontanelle

Neck stiffness

Status epilepticus

Focal signs or

Focal seizures