Family life and general stuff


Youtubing speech therapy. 

We’ve been working one sound at a time on Jonahs speech. Here him turning his Ks from Ts to Ks… kindof…



Slacklining and nits

New to Yew Tree house – my Christmas present: a slack line… we’ve got perfect trees- now to get practicing!!

We also had a dreded (particulalry by Gels who completely hates the things) nit invasion… so far leah seems to be ok but Jonah is properly infested… Still they got to watch Ratattoi while Gels nit-combed their hair!





2016 was a crazy year. Loads of celebrities died so everyone thought there was some kind of curse. Probably people who were famous are just getting older and when people get old they do tend to die.

Weird year for politics as well. Somehow Donald Trump got elected to the White House (totally unpredictable and pretty scary character so far). Somehow the U.K. voted to leave the European Union.

Brexit was something that just seemed too stupid so surely couldn’t happen. And yet the Britaish public voted for it.

Well this week the high court decided that the actual triggering of article 50 couldn’t just go ahead without parliament’s say so.

So in the next couple of weeks we’re going to find out if Theresa May is going to get her way and Hard Brexit (whatever that means – that’s half the problem NOONE knows how the heck Brexit is going to happen).

Jeremy Corbyn, socialist leader of Labour, has said the his MPs must support The Torys in pushing Brexit through. The problem there is most of his own MPs (from what I can tell) hate the guy, so are they actually going to do what they’re told and what they’re expected to do or are they going to vote for what they believe is right (block Brexit) and for what often the constituents want…. very interesting times. The lib dems mean while, who are all but bystanders in politics these days (having been slammed in the last election – following the Cameron-Clegg power sharing government) are positioning themselves as the anti-Brexit party…. which might be a smart move.

There have been so many horrible surprises in politics lately that maybe, just maybe, we’re going to get a surprise that blocks Brexit which – in my opinion at least- would be a positive thing…. but that’s probably too much to wish for!


Friday morning

I was working late last night in medicine (my final on call before switching to paeds as part of my GP training) and so didn’t get up to do the normal dog walk this morning. A nice lie in with the family as a result before the normal pre-school/work day rush ensues. Alvah, age 9.5months remains the most good natured, smiley but least mobile baby we’ve had. She’s gorgeous but only just learned to roll! What a cutie!