Epilepsy Classification

There are two main categories of seizures:

  1. Generalised Seizure
  2. Partial Seizure

Other types are:

  • Myoclonic
  • Atypical absence
  • Atonic Seizures
  • Tonic Seizures

Generalised Seizure

  • No focal features
  • Consciousness is lost immediately
    • Grand Mal (tonic-clonic)
    • Petit Mal (absence seizure)
    • Myoclonic: Brief, Rapid muscle jerks
    • Partial Seizure progressing to generalised seizure

Partial Seizure

  • Focal features depending on location
    • Simple (no disturbance of consciousness or awaress)
    • complex (consciousness is disturbed)
    • Temporal lobe; possibly with aura, deja vu, jamais vu, motor –> jacksonian