Emergency Treatment of Suspected Menigococcal Septicaemia – Questions

These questions are on drug doses in suspected menigococcal septicaemia. For the reference guide check here (and always check the BNF)


1Q: For a 2year old child with a fever and a rapidly spreading purpuric rash, what medication would you prescribe, what dose and what route?












1A: Benzylpenicillin IM, 600mg



2Q: For a child with suspected menigococcal septicaemia age 14years, what would you prescribe?











2A: IM Benzylpenicillin 1200mg



3Q: For a 6month old baby with suspected menigitis, what would you prescribe?











3A: IM Benzylpenicillin 300mg



4Q: For a 5 and a half year old child with purpuric rash and fever and vomiting what would you prescribe?












4A: IM Benzylpenicillin 600mg