Dermatology – History

Presenting Complaint

  • Nature
  • Site
  • Duration of Problem

History of Presenting Complaint

  • Initial appearance and evolution
  • Symptoms – particularly pain and itch
  • Aggravating and relieving factors
  • Previous and current treatments (whether they were effective)
  • Recent contact / stressful events / illness and travel
  • Sunburn / sun exposure / use of tanning machines
  • Skin type

Past Medical History

  • History of Atopy ie asthma, allergic rhinitis, exzema
  • History of skin cancer and suspicious skin lesions

Family History

  • Family History of skin disease

Social History

  • Occupation (including skin contacts at work)
  • Improvement of lesions when away from work

Medication & Allergies

  • Regular, recent and over-the-counter medications

Impact on Quaity of Life

  • Impact of skin condition and concerns


On to Examination