Daily Life


Weather starting to improve


Learning to kite with pro kite surfer and surfer Yury from Brazil

Yury’s visit to Wales coincided with some of the best waves we have had for a couple of years

Alvah’s second birthday

Random April


First use of fire pit this year…


Weekend in Ashmore with all the Williams side cousins.


The weather came in. It was veeeery cold and a bit snowy but crazy windy. Not the most fun conditions for the kids but they did get two snow days and we had a reasonably fun time of it. Gels had to go to work but I was able to stay off.

We spent a lot of time with our fantastic neighbours.


The kids actually played really nicely the whole time (or most of it) which was lovely!

Gels & bex did a super long super cold run for preparation for the marathon they have signed up for, we met them for coffee afterwards then after a brief uncomfortable wait in a pub we all piled back to ours for pizza

And the kids did a show

Sunday was better weather Pete and I tried to go for a surf but we miss timed it so ended up going for coffee I had some time to skate and we did a bit on the garden. Back to Hall farm for the evening meal and Lee popped round to check the ramp out for some more skating….


“The Beast From The East” is forecast.

Very light splattering if snow so far but it is ffffffffreezing!


Leah complained that he teeth always look yellow. So we compared our teeth we both agreed that hers were whiter.

I took the opportunity of telling her the story of Grandrew’s Long Neck. The point of the story which I emphasised to her is that we often get fixated with a part of our body which we think isn’t perfect but that other people never notice. I also told her that we go around thinking about what other people think of us or if how we look but that almost always other people are wrapped up with themselves and are rarely thinking about us and how we look. The grandrews long neck story is just about how Grandrew spent a couple of years thinking his neck was too long so wore a scarf all the time. Needless to say no one else ever thought his neck was too long!


Tried getting the kids to eat peas tonight by giving them just one ok a plate. Jonah ate his, Alvah spat hers out and Leah just completely freaked out and refused blank. Ah well.

After posting a video of me failing again and again to do a rock to fakie I finally managed it after following the advice from the guys in the middle aged shred Facebook page.

Here me finally pulling off the rock-to-fakie!


Nice weekend. Watched a dvd with a pizza from woodyz on Friday (re-watching Chef) then Saturday gels went for a long run while I had a long game of tickle monsters/wrestling…

I did a workout – it’s super cold at the mo so working out for me is several layers – often a hat and coat as well! Watching suits keeps me from complete broedham.

Heard a little tinkling and went to find Alvah had got herself up onto the stool and was having a lovely little play on the piano!

I finished off the skate ramp this weekend – needed the other side top level of ply replacing.

Gels went out with school mums on Saturday so spent much of Sunday feeling rough,

But she managed to get Leah to finish her guinea project

I had a lovely walk with the dogs where I was a bit gutted that I hadn’t bought my board down..

Then had an awesome mountain bike ride with Andrew, while Jonah played with the girls and James who unfortunately suffered a bit of a gash to the forehead. Sarah phoned NHS direct and was told to go to A&E, which I suggested was overkill.

Great bike ride though I still need my brakes tightened and my back was sore!

Gels cooked up a lovely stew in the evening mmmmmmmm


Went to Magam park with the kids. In the afternoon we needed to go to wickes to get some wood for the skate ramp and some protein and some marshmallows. We also stoppe at halfords but they didn’t have the clips required to fix the van door trip.


Looks like the kids have had fun at Margie’s friends farm in west wales

Monday 12/2/18

A long gap of not writing anything – to be honest I completely forgot I was going to do this… anyhoo I’ve been in GP for six months, Gels has decided to do a marathon, I’m now in dermatology. On call this weekend just gone.

Kids doing well. On half term this week.

Here’s a quick few photos of sporadic moments since I last wrote.

eating chips one night after work and getting home too late to cook!

Jonah had a day off sick, so after lying on the sofa all morning he got up to play with Alvah.

We went to place in Cardiff great fun

Hanging at coney after coffee with Corum

someone decided to do her own teeth…

Got the skate ramp up and going by 13th Jan 2018 this is Pete getting involved

Went for a wintery walk – brrrr!

  1. thigh

Jonah was Joseph in the school nativity

Other random pics since the summer:

we moved the table around in the kitchen a bit.


Monday 19th June 2017

Ready for sports day in home made costumes – peacock girl and superJonah. 

Week of 12th June

Beautiful summer weather hits the UK….

10th June was party day!

I stopped taking pictures after this… the weather got better and my memories get murkier… definitely a good night… a load of us sat by the fire pit til late in the night…  Pete and I were last up putting the world to rights as usual!
9th June

Following the surprising but ultimately disappointing election result (surprising that Corbyn did so well but sad that he didn’t get the majority) and after a long week it was great to have Becca, Olly, Evie and Lucy arrive for the weekend. Jonah very excited about having Olly to sleep in his room!

The kids have so much fun together but mealtimes can be a bit noisy….

Olly and Alvah

Got Gels an early birthday present and set it on fire….

I’m a bit cr@p at buying gels flowers these days.. but I figure why bother when she can just go get them from the garden!

Monday 5th June

Long days in SCBU this week. I missed food on the ward and then missed canteen food and then missed costa… so this was the outcome… mmmm

Weekend of 3-4th June 2017


Mingling weather in the morning followed by the most amazing evening… the Neighbour’s came round and we were able to enjoy a really lovely evening first at ours drinking pimms in the sun, then at theirs for a lovely roast.


Swimming where Leah just about managed her first few strokes of front crawl which is pretty good for her, Jonah is a bit further behind…

I spent the day doing the raised patio.

The kids starred in Annie at Porthcawl pavilion. Very exciting! They were kinda in the back row so it was a tough job to see them but lovely all the same – Leah sang her little heart out and Jonah walked on looking very cute and small and just slightly in awe of the whole thing…

Week to Friday 2/6/17

This was a hard week particularly on Gels who had the kids for half term – she had the week off but by Friday was gagging to get back to work – it was particularly tough as I did five long days out of seven.
29/5/17 bank holiday Monday

In the evening gels and I watched Searcing for Sugarman which was excellent. We can’t watch Netflix on tv so I plug the laptop into the speakers so at least we have good sound…

I popped to woodcraft and quickly built a surfboard rack in the afternoon, while gels took a he kids to say goodbye to great grandma who is staying with Margie. I had sat with her earlier while Margie popped to Asda. Margie looks pretty pooped but Jan is coming to get grandma tomorrow.

The big kids tried on their wetsuits for the first time and then had a paddle around in the water – Leah taking to it particularly well, Jonah a bit more hesitantly… she’s on the verge of swimming independently he’s got a little way to go yet….Gels about to run a 13km to meet us at Newton beach (we actually met her at rest as it was going to be too much for the dogs – we took them back to margies and ours while she kept running) 
Leah getting the surfboards sorted. 
This is jonah putting a wig on Alvah 
28/5/17 Sunday

I’m off to work in a bit – long day paeds SHO. A little cuddle with Alvah (13months) before the others come through.