Conn’s & Addison’s Syndrome

Conn’s Syndrome

Excess aldosterone production by adrenal glands – results in low renin levels

AKA primaray hyperaldosteronism

Reported as present in 5% of those attending hypertensive clinc

Potassium is low, although sodium is mildly elevated or normal


Adrenal Failure

Addison’s disease can occur as poart of polyendocrinopathy

Type 1 is associated with cutaneous candidiasis and ectodermal dysplasia

Type 2 is associated with thyroid disease and diabetes.


  • results from adrenal insufficiency
  • Most commonly cause by autoimmune destruction
  • Vague symptoms or crisis (triggered by concurrent illness)
  • Postural hypotension
  • Vague illness: (fatigue/weight loss / loss of appetite / nausea / muscle weakness / abdo pain / joint pain / cramps / dizziness)
  • U&Es is the Opposite to Conns so: high K (in 65%) and low Na (90%)
  • Diagnosis is helped with morning cortisol level if 8-9am cortisol is <100 send to hospital, if 100 -500 it needs further investigation/refer for synacthen test
  • Admission will depend on whether patient is really unwell

Treatment in secondary care is vigorous salt replacement (Normal Saline) and hydrocortisone following baseline endocrine tests (ACTH, cortisol, Renin, Aldosterone, 17-OH progesterone, adrenal androgens)