Conjunctivitis Questions

How long does a kid need to stay off school with conjunctivitis?











1A. He doesn’t


2. How does conjunctivitis present?












2A. Red, sore eyes, with sticky discharge


3. What’s the presentation of bacterial conjunctivitis?











3A. Purulent discharge with eyes that are “stuck together”


4. How does viral conjunctivitis present?











4A: Serous discharge, often there’s been a recent URTI, and there may be pre-auricular lymph nodes


5. Allergic Conjunctivitis – how does that present?











5A: Bilateral symptoms, Itch is most prominent, May be a history of atopy, May be seasonal / perennial depending on allergen


6. What’s the natural history?











6A: Normally self limiting – settles in 1-2weeks


7 Whats the treatment?













7A. Topical chloramphenicol or fusidic acid if it’s a pregnant woman.


8. What’s the different regimes for the different preparations of cholramphenicol?












8A. If you’re using the drops its 2-3hourly, if its the ointment it;s QDS


9. What about fusidic acid?











9A: It’s BD for fusidic acid.


10. What’s the managment of allergic conjunctivitis?









10A Topical or systemic antihistamines, topical mast-cell stabilisers (sodium cromoglicate and nedocromil)