Chromosomal Disorders


“Trisomy” is where there’s and extra chromosome so the person has 47 rather than 46, in Trisomy 21 the patient has two chromosome 21s

Down’s Syndrome

  • Trisomy 21

Moon with a nail in it (N L = 2 1)

Edward’s Syndrome

  • Trisomy 18

Ed Drew (Edward) sitting on a ledge (L G = 18)

Klinefelter’s Syndrome

  • Karyotype is 47 XXY (extra C chromosome)

Marty McFly (Calvin Klein) pulling a rat (R T = 47) out of his pants and it has XXY on it’s back.


Patau’s Syndrome 

  • Trisomy 13

Bohdi doing that body shot taquilla slammer – Bhodi is Pat (Patau) rick swaize , and he’s sucking a LiMe (L M = 1 3)

Turner’s Syndrome 

  • 45XO

Mike turner at a rave with one of those male female XO type necklaces on