Chlamydia – overview

Chlamydia Trachomatis is found in  a load of different serotypes (variant of sae bacteria) and they cause different diseases.

The serotypes are divided into differnt groups:


Chlamydia Trachomatis Serotypes A -C

  • Causes Trachoma,
  • Which is a chornic supparative eye disease with follicular keratoconjuctivitis, entropion and tricahiasis
  • Commonest cause of blindness worldwide

Chlamydia trachomiatis Serotypes D – K

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  • Inclusion conjuctivitis,
  • Non-Gonococcal Urethritis
  • Proctitis
  • Pharyngitis,
  • Cervicitis
  • Arthritis

Chlamydia Trachomatis Serotypes L1, L2, L3

  • Lymphogranuloma venereum