Other infections causing vaginal discharge


Presence of yeast in vagina is common in women of reproductive age.

It can be found in non-sexually active individuals and is not classed as STI.

Most (70-90%)  is Candida Albicans

Presence of yeast in the vulvovaginal area does not necessarily require treatment unless symptomatic – 10-20% of women are colonised with Candida.

It’s not associated with tampons/sanitary towels/panty lines when they’re used appropriately



  • Topical for as long as necessary
  • Avoid re-infection by sex – avoid until cure complete
  • prevent auto-infection
  • keep vulva cool and dry – careful hygiene, cotton not synthetic underwear and careful drying after washing

Intravaginal pessaries or cream inserted high into vagina at night

Can be:

  • Clotrimazole 200mg pesssary 1 at night for 3 nights
  • clotrimazole 500mg pessary single dose
  • miconazole 100mg pessary two, for 7 nights
  • miconazole ovule 1.2g single dose at night


  • Fluconazole single dose
  • Itraconazole 200mg orally twice dialy
  • don’t give oral treatment to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers