Breast Disease


  • Middle aged women
  • Develop in the lactiferous ducts
  • Associated with bloody discharge

Phyllodes tumour

  • Usually benign but sometimes malignant
  • Rarely metastasise outside breast

Paget’s Disease of Nipple

  • Skin cancer
  • Associated with longstanding eczematous disease of the nipple/areolar region
  • Red scaly nipple
  • May be associated with underlying breast cancer


  • Women below 35yrs
  • Firm rubbery non-tender mass
  • May slip away during palpation
  • Smooth or slighly lobulated
  • 2-3cm in diameter
  • They still need triple assessment (clincal exam, mammography/USS and Fine needle aspiration)

Mammary Duct Ectasia

  • Benign condition
  • Milk ducts beneatht the nipple become inflamed
  • Usually in women during the menopause – or just after