Alcoholic Hepatitis

  • Progressive inflammatory liver injury
  • Assoicated with long term alcohol use
  • Patients severely affected may present with:
    • Subacute onset of fever
    • Hepatomegaly
    • Leukocytosis
    • Impairment of liver function

Liver exhibits:

  • centrilobular ballooning necrosis of hepatocytes
  • Neutophilic infiltration
  • large mitochondria
  • Mallory hyaline inclusions

Steatosis (fatty liver) and cirrhosis frequently accompany alcoholic hepatitis.

Hepatitis A

  • Usually spread through water or food contaminated with faeces
  • In the uk seen when there’s been foreign travel
  • It’s an acute illness
  • can spread to household by kissing/poor hand washing

Hepatitis B

  • Transmitted through blood and bodily fluids (sex)
  • There’s a 5-10% chance of becoming a chronic carrier

Hepatitis C

  • Mainly spread through blood – so blood transfusion or IVDU sharing needles
  • occasionally can be sexually

Hepatitis D

  • can only co-exist with Hep B